The art of kotsuke unknown
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Kotsuke unknown is a developing, un-tutored artist whose inspiration is taken from the major art movements of the twentieth century. Abstract expressionism, Bauhaus, Surrealism, Cubism and Pop Art through Graffiti culture, Comic books, computer games and package design; conceptual links may become tenuous and the means of production even more so, but they have all played an important part in forming the visual and intellectual landscape of the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries.

It is with this in mind that kotsuke seeks to express his own artistic yearnings and to create, primarily for himself, the kind of work he so admires in others.

Kotsuke’s first forays into art involved creating images pixel by pixel using Microsoft Paint, despite it’s lack of functions  and the time consuming process, he found the medium extremely liberating allowing experimentation and the ability to develop designs in multiple directions (massively time-saving in contrast to paper).

However, the merits of the digital medium may be vast but it lacks the gravity or the ineffable truth of a hand-crafted canvas. Grown more confident in his artistic ability thanks to the control of the computer, kotsuke began painting the ‘old-fashioned’ way. His paintings tend to be acrylic on canvas and produced from sketches drawn in a surrealist ‘automatic access to the subconscious’. However, he has recently begun working with soft pastels which could lead to oil paintings in the future.

The computer has not been abandoned, both digital and analogue art develop simultaneously and there is an increasing  amount of interplay between the two. This site shows an example of kotsuke’s work to date across genres and media.

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